The Devil is a Liar!

John 8:44 – “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. NKJV


Can I just go on record for saying, “I love Jesus! I really do!” I am so grateful that He is Lord, and that He is my Lord! I just needed to express that!

Today I am continuing my exposè of the enemy. One day, someone was telling me that we are all God’s children. I shared the above verse with that person, and they were highly offended with me, and probably with Jesus. We are not all, God’s children, but then that fact reveals that some are children of the devil. That’s frightening! But if you are honest, sometimes you can tell it!

Jesus pointed out a few things about the devil. First, He pointed out that the devil’s children want to do the desires of their father. So while some people want to attribute evil in the world, or in their life to God, it could be that they are just fulfilling the desires of their father. That list is so long, I can’t possibly go there. But Jesus mentioned murder as one of the devil’s desire, something he is responsible for. We even have gotten a little sophisticated and we say, God allowed it! Of course, when we think of the fact that He has to the power to stop anything, I understand that thinking. But the reality is not that God allowed it, but that the devil was successful in his attack. He’s not successful in every attack, but he gets some hits in for a lot of reasons. That’s another whole blog!

Jesus also stated that there is no truth in the devil. None! He and his demons will say and do anything they feel will work, because they are after mankind with a vengeance. Not just the saved, but the unsaved. As many unsaved as he can destroy, he will destroy, to make sure they never, ever become Christians. I know this seems extreme, but he’s extreme in all that he does. We need to understand this and prepare for it. That’s why our previous scripture said that we must be watchful! Christians who believe that there is no real devil need to go and read their bible again. Jesus said that there is a devil, he has demons, they are real, and they need to be dealt with! Just that simple! And if the devil can get you to think he is not there, he is not responsible, he is not after you, then he has you just where he wants you, at his mercy.

Jesus says that when the devil speaks, he speaks a lie! We often hear people saying, “The devil is a liar!” But few people really get it! Lies are of the devil. He’s been lying since the Garden of Eden. He lied to Eve when he told her that if she eat from the fruit, she wouldn’t die. He lied when he told her that God didn’t want her to eat of the fruit, because the day that she ate of the fruit she would be like God, knowing good and evil. And he’s been lying ever since.

The thing that we need to understand about the devil is that his lies have a certain amount of validity within them. For Eve didn’t die, that day, but she died! She and Adam lost out on a good thing, listening to the lies of the devil. They lived in a perfect situation: in harmony with the animal kingdom, and sweet communion with the Father! But listening to the lies of the devil, they opened themselves and mankind to sin, and separation from God.

When the devil talks to us, he talks to us about things that have a semblance of truth. For example, I don’t do drugs. I have never done drugs. The devil doesn’t have a conversation with me about drugs. But I am married and he will come to me and lie to me about my husband, or my marriage. We have daughters, and he will come and lie to us about them. I have a physical body, and he will come and lie to me about my body. I have a desire to serve the Lord and he will lie to me even about that. And he does the same to you. Valid concerns can become lies of the enemy. We have to be on guard that we don’t become so concerned about something that we listen to lies of the devil.

You can have a pain in your body. It lasts longer than a few hours. Then you begin to wonder what’s going on. If you are not careful, you start to give demons a way to embed a lie in your heart. You start searching the internet and find several things it could be. Then you find something that Uncle Ancestor died from that was similar and the enemy starts telling you that you have the same thing, and you are going to die. You schedule an appointment, and tell the doctor what you think you have, and about your uncle. They start all kinds of tests, and prescribe drugs, and your symptoms may increase. You are so sick and worried, that even if they don’t find anything, you insist you are ill. And before you know it, you are sick, and ill, and at death’s door because you bought into the lie. When you should’ve turned off the internet, rebuked the devil, the pain, and the lies!

We have to learn to discern the difference between lies and truth. That comes with the knowledge of God’s word! As we study the word of God, we learn what truth is. We learn the character of God and how He treats His children. We learn the promises that are in His word and how we overcome the enemy; and must cast down every “lie” that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. At the same time, we learn about the devil and how he acts. When we realize that there is no truth in him, we learn to rebuke the lie and choose the truth of God’s word. As we grow in knowledge, we begin to see or hear of events that are evil, we attribute those things to him, and intercede for God to move in the situation. Now that we have a better understanding about who causes bad things we begin turning that which was meant for evil into a blessing!

I wish I could preach this! I’d have more time to really make a point, but I am thankful for this blog. I am not trying to glorify the devil or demonic forces. I am not trying to give them a prominence that they don’t deserve. I hate it when people want to testify, but they start out talking about what the devil did! Not my intent to lift him, but to lift Jesus! I will look at a few other things associated with demonic forces of darkness, but with each of them, I hope to interweave the truth that “greater is He that is in us, then he that is in the world”!! Wonderful Jesus!

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I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord as a child. Once, when I was still quite young, I knocked on a lady’s door, but I don’t remember why. What I do remember is her telling me that I was going to be a preacher. When I was in high school I preached my very first message on Job. It lasted for a long time! LOL! By graduation, I knew that I had been called into ministry. My heart’s desire is to see the people of God understand and operate in the Kingdom of God. We really need to know that we serve an awesome and amazingly good God and our adversary the devil has no good thing dwelling in him.

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