I’m Melting, I’m Melting!

Joshua 2:11 – And as soon as we heard these things, our hearts melted; neither did there remain any more courage in anyone because of you, for the Lord your God, He is God in heaven above and on earth beneath.

I had the privilege of ministering recently about the battle plans. I was so excited, because it’s a subject that has stirred in my heart for years. I will blog some more on the battles and maybe even update my previous blogs, because as I ministered, God showed me some other things that I feel are pertinent to the battles I have already blogged about.

But as we were headed home, my husband mentioned to me that one thing he found interesting was that Rahab told the spies that their hearts melted when they heard about the children of Israel and what that must have looked like. And that got me to thinking about my next blog.

Have you ever seen the Wizard of Oz? They used to play it every year and I made sure that I never missed it. There was something fascinating about the City of Oz. But the most memorable part to me was when they poured the water on the wicked witch and she yelled, “I’m melting! I’m melting!” I just got a kick out of the fact that someone who had caused Dorothy so much trouble, melted before her face!

We never see what is happening in the spirit realm when we pray and take a stand against the devil, but I believe Jericho gives us a unique insight into that realm. Long before Joshua and the people of God entered Jericho, the inhabitants of Jericho had heard of the great victories that God had given His people. Rahab said that the terror of the people of God had fallen on Jericho and they had grown faint hearted because of the children of Israel and their God. She told the spies that the inhabitants of Jericho had heard how the Lord had dried up the Red Sea, about the destruction of the Amorites, and of the kings on the other side of the Jordan. And when they heard these things, their hearts melted and they no longer had any courage because God was on their side.

I think we give way too much credit to the enemy. Notice, I said we! I think that when we know who we are and stand against the attacks of the enemy in the Name of Jesus, we cause demons to tremble, for we are their worst nightmare. People who know and trust their God!

Moses prophesied in his song, Exodus 15:15, that all the inhabitants of Canaan would melt away and that fear and dread would fall on them. And that is exactly what happened. When I think of a heart that’s melting, I think of a person who has embrace total defeat. That person has no more strength and can’t see anything but the loss that they are expecting, so they are paralyzed in that state of fear and hopelessness.

The battle of Jericho was really not a battle that Joshua can take credit for. He literally just walked in to finish what God had started. If you think their hearts fainted at what they heard about the Red Sea, the Amorites, and kings of Og and Sihon, what do you think happened while they watched the procession for seven days? People probably started having heart attacks and dying, suicide rate probably accelerated, and everyone was casting blame on everyone else for them being in this predicament of hopelessness. There was probably a lot of sacrificing to their dead gods trying to find some help, some relief. The place was probably in total chaos and fear was running rampant as the citizens of Jericho were wondering what was really happening outside those walls with all of that marching!

Then came the seventh day! The Israelites didn’t go back to camp after the first round of marching and trumpet blowing. Something was going on! Aren’t they playing a new song? What could it mean? Neither did they return to camp after the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, or the sixth round! They just kept going around and around and around playing those trumpets until finally there was a loud, long blast and then pandemonium breaks out! The walls of the city started falling around them. But not at Rahab’s. Rahab and her family sat huddled together in hope, waiting for their deliverance. Forty years prior, the Canaanites had made many of the Israelites hearts to melt. They had felt like grasshoppers and had missed out on going into the promised land. But now, the Canaanites had become the grasshoppers, and the grasshoppers had become the giants!!

In Daniel 11:32, the Bible states, “…but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits!” I believe it is sufficient to say that Joshua knew his God! The exploits that he led the children of Israel through are still talked about today with great awe. But Joshua is not an anomaly! We are the people of God also, and we are to cause fear in the heart of the enemy.

When we get in the word, when we pray, when we praise God, when we come together, when we get out of bed, the enemy ought to become very worried about what is up with us today! Our hearts should never be the hearts that are failing. We should not be afraid of the terror by night, or the arrow that flies by day, or the pestilence that walks in darkness! A thousand may fall at our side and ten thousand at our right hand, but our stand should be that it will not come near us! We may see it and hear about it, but it shall not come near us!!

Decide today that you will not be like the people of Jericho. You will be like Rahab!Even though her heart melted at first, faith rose up on the inside of her and she determined that her fate would not be the fate of the people of Jericho. She reached out to the true and living God and found Him receptive to her plea. She saved herself and her family! Fear will bring you destruction but the hand of faith extended to the loving Father will bring hope, deliverance, and great exploits! Next time the enemy attack you, just see him saying, “I’m melting, I’m melting!” Wonderful Jesus!!

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I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord as a child. Once, when I was still quite young, I knocked on a lady’s door, but I don’t remember why. What I do remember is her telling me that I was going to be a preacher. When I was in high school I preached my very first message on Job. It lasted for a long time! LOL! By graduation, I knew that I had been called into ministry. My heart’s desire is to see the people of God understand and operate in the Kingdom of God. We really need to know that we serve an awesome and amazingly good God and our adversary the devil has no good thing dwelling in him.

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